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Get your Brand Safety Analysis. Fight the Impression Waste!

  • We ‘ll take care of getting your brand safety content ready for targeting. You will have the ability to manually pick categories that have the highest safety score or let the A.I do this automatically for your whole inventory.
  • You don’t need to get acquainted with any code or machine learning jargon. Use your time to traffic more ads and create more valuable content instead of trying to figure out ways to block content and deliver on time.

Contextual Intelligence Targeting at your service!

Want to block a list of keywords, target all your “Barack Obama” articles or find all the articles that bring a happy emotion? Worry not! With AdSquirrel you can easily do any targeting or blocking with just a few steps and a direct integration to your Google Ad Manager (DFP) or to Prebid.

It only takes a few steps

  • Setup your Targeting options within AdSquirrel
  • Connect to an existing Line Item or create a new one directly from AdSquirrel
  • Ready to Deliver Targeted Impressions!

With the power of Google Cloud Platform

AdSquirrel is powered by Google Cloud Platform. We use Google’s serverless architecture to provide limitless scalability, fast I/O databases and one of the fastest, secure and most powerful networks, all of which allows us to provide our A.I predictions in less than 50ms.

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