Free* €0

The simple and quick way to test the product on your website with a sizable free tier.

Standard €0.05

Brand Safe protection, keyword blocking in a few steps.

Pro €0.10

Complete set of tools to including campaign automation & setup from AdSquirrel

Brand Safety
Up to 3 keywords per campaign
Up to 3 keywords per campaign
Topic Multi Classification
Object & Logo Detection
in Images
Google Ad Manager Basic Setup Basic Setup Full Setup

*When API call limit has been reached you can either upgrade or pause activity until the calendar month is finished.

asked questions, answered

Why do you charge based on AdSquirrel API Calls and not based on impressions?

For AdSquirrel to work it needs to run across your entire website. The Squirrel will have to crawl, predict and serve responses for every article on the website. Thus, the number of impressions for the campaigns you run (direct or programmatic) will always be significantly lower than the total number of crawls happening on your articles, but the Squirrel will still have to read and make predictions whether they were safe or not.

How do I know the AdSquirrel API calls your dashboard shows are right?

AdSquirrel runs across your entire website but is only counting calls when it runs on your articles (not the AMP section yet). A good estimation to calculate your cost is to check from your Google Analytics the number of Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Articles pageviews you have. Homepage & Category pages are not counted

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